Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I call it Phenomenal, borrowing Simon’s word in X – Factor whenever he encounters an extraordinary performance. This time around, Dream Team was simply phenomenal in performance. Who says I am not proud of being a Nigerian. Anytime, any day, I will always be proud to be a Nigerian. There can’t be any better.

What can you say about our wonderful performance in today’s phenomenal beating of Belgians 4 to 1? It was simply amazing. I was in the MIXED REALITY LAB (MRL) of when the kickoff started and I had to watch it online. The team was simply superb, I must say, and before I knew it I was uncontrollably screaming my head off at our amazing performance to the surprise of other colleagues. They came to see the extra-ordinary performance of DREAM TEAM. They are just a team anyone will dream of having.

If you still claim you are not proud of being Nigerian, I guess today you will chew your words because I am very sure you must be celebrating and jubilating like me. Right now I can’t help but blast all known Nigerian songs and everyone is wondering what the hell this girl is celebrating. Guess what I told them – the best team has done it again. Yes this is not the final but each win for me comes with celebration, and to celebrate I do it well. We will sort out the final when it comes; but for now I am simply excited, happy, and …

I may not know much about football but I sure know a win when I see one. I may not be an excellent analyst but I sure know that what we did today was simply wonderful – hence I love using phenomenal to qualify it. Agreed there are time our team do not always get it right, but this time around I guess they were just outstanding today judging from my little knowledge of sports. We had the ball control most of the time, we dictated the pace, we set it rolling and we end the show. I have longed for this kind of performance for God-knows-how-long. Atlanta 1996 was fabulous and our performance in the world cup in 2005 which we finally lost to Argentina (if I am correct) was also wonderful, where this same group of fantastic players did a good job. We all know the rest of the story.

Samson Siasia has really done a great work. I am proud a Nigerian coach is bringing this feather to the country. Come on! Why should we not be proud? We are doing it and doing it well. A time shall come when we shall look back and smile knowing we have come a long way sports wise and other areas too. But for now I still say Well done Nigerians, we are proud of your performance. When you don’t do it right, we will also tongue-lash you. That is why we will never cease to be Nigerians.

Fisrt Published August 19, 2008

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