Monday, 29 August 2011


Dear Arsene,

I am a massive fan and supporter of Arsenal FC for a long time now. Yesterday's football match against Manchester United left me broken-hearted to the point I physically feel pain in my heart. I am still very broken and in tears about the final result, and could not imagine how terrible the players and you must be feeling. Your job must be very tough (I do not envy you), and I dont know how you can get past this and have something to offer again. It is indeed a pity and if wishes were horses, I would wish there was something I could say to make you all feel better. This season seems to be an uphill task for Arsenal, loosing Cesc and Nasri did not make it easier. It would get tougher but I still believe we can bounce back. This is really very difficult for me as I get so emotional about Arsenal.

Having said that, I want to use this opportunity to encourage you and the lads not to give up. Yesterday was a good and harsh test, but it was worth it (though it still hurts). Know that it can only get better especially now that we hit rock-bottom. At times it is good to hit the bottom, what matters is your ability to pick up yourself and bounce back with an emphatic statement. I genuinely believe Arsenal has a massive chance to become what I have always known them to be. We can start to rebuild and come back to our enviable status. There is no shadow of doubt in my mind that you will rebuild this team to put smiles on our grieving and aching hearts. Please do not loose hope or faith, just keep on believing. I have so much confidence in you and the lads and please tell them to be strong. Sometimes I wish I wasnt disabled so can play for Arsenal FC (smiles).

I know you are already trying to sign new players. Please for the love of God, sign big players that can create something so beautiful and special to bring a massive change to Arsenal. We have the money so please do spend it to lift up the spirit of supporters and fans. I know you are not new to this but I just have to bare my heart so you know people still care. I genuinely do care about Arsenal, and I am standing by the club, no matter what happen. My heart is so fragile and I wish Arsenal will mend it rather than break it. It will be extremely hard for me to deal with.

To the team once again I say keep on keeping on. We can do it. Never give up.

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