Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hunted by Hawks...

New novel weaves intricate story of secrets and lies

Ikenna has been running from his past, but it’s about to catch up with him in ‘Hunted By Hawks’

NOTTINGHAM, England – In “Hunted by Hawks” (published by AuthorHouse) , author Obianuju Chiamaka Amamgbo takes readers to her native Eastern Nigeria for an intriguing story of revenge and secrecy.

“No matter how ugly a secret may be,” Amamgbo says, “it pays to be honest about it, especially to people you love and care about. Honesty will always make a difference.”

Ikenna has worked tirelessly to bury his haunting past. Unknown to him, his arch enemy, Tochi, has been keeping a close eye on him, and when the chance to ruin Ikenna’s young son arrives, Tochi pounces on the opportunity. Now, Ikenna is faced with a serious decision. He can come clean to his once happy family about his painful past, or he can continue to hide the shame that has burdened him all these years. Will Ikenna chose to reveal his secret, even if it means losing his family?

“Hunted By Hawks” explores themes of corruption and deceit and creates a flawed protagonist that readers can relate to and will want to cheer on. “Even though it is fiction, anyone and everyone can relate to the themes portrayed in the story line at one point or another of their lives,” writes Amamgbo. “These events are things people deal with regularly.”


Set in Eastern Nigeria, Hunted by Hawks tells the story of Ikenna whose hidden past re-surfaces in his life to haunt him. Unknown to him, Tochi his arch enemy and leader of their notorious gang has been plotting revenge after he was released from prison years ago. Tochi kept close contact with him from a distance and managed to get his claws on one of his sons Emeka. With the strange discovery of what Emeka was involved in, the once happy family was at the verge of being destroyed. By the time Ikenna realised what was happening, he is faced with reliving the past he fought so hard to bury. He has to decide whether to come clean with his family and risk losing them, or to keep his secret and save them the looming agony of his ugly past. Nonye, Ikenna's wife, is equally forced by the ugly circumstance to make a choice. Having built an impressive reputation in her legal career, will the high moral lawyer bend the law to save her husband and family, or will she save her career at the expense of her family?

“Hunted by Hawks”
By Obianuju Chiamaka Amamgbo
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 172 pages | ISBN 9781491880470
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 172 pages | ISBN 9781491880487
E-Book | 172 pages | ISBN 9781491880494
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